Men as victims of family violence,

Men as victims of family violence,

Position paper:
-Frame both sides.
-Make an argument. two sides, but pick one side.

Proposal: Position paper (5%)

The purpose of this task is to get students to think about what your position paper will be about. It is to get students thinking about the current controversial issues that exist. Papers should be a minimum of two (2) pages of text, excluding, references, the proposed reading list, the title page and any appendixes if needed. Proposals must clearly outline what the issue is and what the two sides of that issue are. Each proposal must have a reference page to identify the evidence you have used in your proposal and a Proposed Reading List outlining a minimum 10 refereed journal articles you plan to use in your position paper. Ideas for the position paper can be found in the section below. Marks will be given for style, grammar, spelling, quality of ideas, content, organization, appropriateness of reference list and reading list, and APA formatting.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

Examples may include:
• Men as victims of family violence,
• The use of couples or family therapy to treat abuse,
• Whether offender group counselling is effective,
• The adequacy of the justice response to family violence,
• Whether child protective services should intervene in all cases of children being exposed to domestic violence,
• Issues surrounding unfounded allegations of IPV (intimate partner violence) or child maltreatment or sibling abuse or elder abuse, etc.
• The role of alcohol and other drugs in IPV or child maltreatment or sibling abuse or elder abuse, etc.,
• Whether women and men are equally violent in private settings,
• He assertion that elder abuse is the result of stress in providing care.

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