Marketing Strategy Paper # 2

Marketing Strategy Paper # 2

In class we have discussed the Brand Management process and the concepts of Marketing, Strategy, and Marketing Myopia. Paper #1 addressed the concept of Marketing Myopia.
As a foundation to these discussions 2 articles have been assigned to be read:
• The Origin of Strategy
• What is Strategy
In two well-crafted pages (2 pages maximum) choose one (or both) of these articles, discuss the position taken by the author (their hypothesis or focus), what points you agree as well as disagree with, and why. Your arguments, supportive or disagreeing, should be reinforced by some additional outside sourcing (and be sure to incorporate quotes or specific references to those sources).Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
For the article(s) you’ve chosen be sure your positions and arguments are clear, logical, and focused. If you see a way to incorporate points from multiple articles that is fine but each must be consistent in its position. With just 2 pages your points need to be stated efficiently and without excess verbiage (credit deducted for papers beyond the allowed length by more than a sentence or two).
Grading criteria: Papers will be graded on a 20 point scale (see syllabus). Reiterating just what your chosen author states or what has been presented in class will result in an average graded paper (a grade of 16-17). A good paper (grade of 18) or a superior paper (grade of 19-20) will bring in additional arguments, sources, and original thinking that demonstrate thought and insights beyond what we’ve covered (so some additional research required). Additionally the quality of your writing, its structure and presentation, will also be incorporated as grading criteria.

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