Marketing Concepts and Strategies

Marketing Concepts and Strategies

Requirements: This assignment focuses on enhancing your learning of our course material by asking you to apply some material of interest to you to the real world. First, select a topic and describe what aspects of that topic you will cover and how you will do that. For example, will your research be based on interviews with people in the profession or from articles about organizations that illustrate the points that you will examine in your paper. Send your topic and a brief description of your objectives to the instructor by Friday 11:59 in week two: 3/16/18 If you decide to use interviews, you will select whom you will interview and develop the interview questions.  Both the interview approach or focus on articles and organizational examples should focus on the “real-life” application of aspects of your topic to the day-to-day business operations marketing employees or Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!managers/organizations. The interviews that you conduct should be based on your review of research on the subject matter before the interview. On Saturday 11:59 in week three, March 24, 2018, submit an outline for your research paper to the instructor.

After conducting the interview (s) or completing your review of the research and literature, prepare a seven-paper in-depth paper discussing both the interview (s) and research background that prepared you for the interviews or your presentations and critique of your research topic based solely on articles. Follow the APA format for your paper.

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