The major regulatory bodies in the aviation world

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Two of the major regulatory bodies in the aviation world are the FAA in the United States and the European JAA (EU-Ops). The Joint Aviation Regulations, JAR-OPS1 is the equivalent to FAR Part 121 when it comes to airline operations. In the UAE we use the Civil Aviation Regulations (CARS) an almost identical set of rules to the Joint Aviation Regulations.

Investigate both the FAA and GCAA regulations and address the following key elements:

• Compare the rules on the “Authority of the Commander” and describe the commonalities and main differences.
• Part 121 subpart G and CAR Subpart P govern manual requirements. Please describe and compare the two sets of requirements.
• Find and compare the rules on certification of Pilots.
• What are the requirements governing minimum Cabin Crew (Flight Attendants) in the two sets of regulations? Note any differences.
• What are the regulations regarding minimum fuel requirements in the two sets of regulations. Do they differ? Why?
• Analyze the layout of the two sets of rules and discuss them in terms of design and usability.

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