Select a Macroeconomic variable that you are interested in for example; unemployment, inflation, interest rates, gross domestic product, Etc.

Choose at least two sources of information about your selected variable, you may use your textbook as one source and perhaps a reputable website as another, ensure that you give proper credit to these sources in your paper.

Write a summary paper about the Macroeconomic variable, describe the economic theory as well as current information about the variable. Describe increases and decreases in the variable during the past several years and relate these value changes to United States economy. Explain how the change in your variable contributed positively or negatively to the economy during specific years. The main body of the paper should be no more that five pages.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

Provide a time series graph of your variable, choose a reputable website to download the data from, transfer the data to an excel spreadsheet, and produce a line graph. Include dates and label your variable on the graph. Include the graph as the last page of your research paper.

Your paper is due to be turned in during week 4 of class. No need for special covers, please print your paper staple it, include name and course and turn into your instructor for grading.

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