REQUIRED TEXTBOOK(s) Required Text: Schiller, Bradley R., The Macro Economy Today, 13e. McGraw-Hill Irwin Companies, Inc., 2013. ISBN: 978-0-07-741647-8 Please choice three macroeconomic topics from textbook to write three short essays, each one needs at least one and a half pages. The total paper should not more than 5 pages.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts! Topic 1 and 2 can choices as you want. The topic 3 must to talk about “what I learned in Macroeconomics”. Each topic needs at least 3 paragraphs. A. What about the topic? What is it definition? Etc. B. What does the text book talk about this topic? What is it function? Why is it important? Etc. C. What do you think about this topic? Using a example from the news to support your idea. Recommend topics: Unemployment, opportunity cost, international trade, Federal Reserve Bank, fiscal, monetary policy, etc.

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