Look for an issue. Do some news reading, find a video, or address an everyday event or item that can be thought of argumentatively.

Follow these steps to the letter to achieve a high grade on this assignment.
1. Complete crafting the argument in the form of modus ponens. You should now have three lines (exactly!). Example:
If I am going to the movies, I will need to bring money.
I am going to the movies.
I will need to bring money.

2. Look for an issue. Do some news reading, find a video, or address an everyday event or item that can be thought of argumentatively. Remember that an argument is literally any aspect of the world which is being used to lead you into a particular belief or action. You can write on anything you want, in fact, without any limits.

3. State your issue in the form of a question. This forms the reason for the paper. An argumentative essay always seeks to answer a question. The issue question (IQ) should be stated at the very top of the paper. It’s the very first thing I should see. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

4. State your answer in one sentence. If you formulated your question well, then this will be easy. If your question was confused, then you’ll have trouble with this step. This sentence is the conclusion of the outline and should be the third line of the modus ponens argument. It is also the “B” Statement in the outline.

5. Do any necessary research. Ask yourself whether the argument that you have crafted relies on premises that are factual in nature. Are you claiming that something is true about the world? If so, then you should support this factual claim with good references. Whenever possible, double-source all such factual claims. Make sure, however, that you are only trying to source factual claims. It does no good to provide references for ethical claims. The ethics of the paper — the “shoulds” — are your own, and no one can argue them for you.

6. Write your first paragraph. This paragraph will support the first premise. Be very precise here. Ask yourself what the first premise of your argument is saying, and then support that claim with specific reasons. Each sentence should be on point and there should be no wasted language. Avoid, for example, saying how controversial the topic is or how long people have been arguing about it.

7. Write your second paragraph. This paragraph will support the second premise. The same principles apply as in the first paragraph.

8. Check your word count. You should be up to at least 350 words and no more than 450 words for the outline + paragraphs. These are strict word count limits.

A video depicting this process is here: screencast.com/t/w92OGHy0wu. Another video explaining the supporting paragraphs is here: screencast.com/t/1GysUTZbpD.

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