Logic Model

Logic Model

Please create a logic model of a program that you are familiar with or you have learnt about. The assignment should have two parts, a narrative part and a diagram section. In the narrative part, please describe the program concisely. You should define problem(s) that the program intend to address and how the program intends to address it/them. You should describe each of the components in your logic model. You should identify, Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts! and potentially assess the strength of, the assumptions upon which the program was constructed. You should also consider external context and the program boundary, i.e., what belong to the program and what are outside your control? After that, you may extend your thinking to measure(s) for each element, although it is not required at this stage. For the diagram, you should clearly define the linkages between boxes/elements. You can use different, however conventional format, not necessarily following the textbook example. The total page of the assignment is no more than 3 pages, double spaced.

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