Leadership & Management Practice

Leadership & Management Practice

Your term paper assignment is to analyze two leadership styles using two different leaders: One of whose style is charismatic and one of whose style is transformational. You may pick any leader, living or from the past, from business, politics, sports, etc. or it can be someone you worked for-as long as you can apply course material and outside research to meet the paper requirements.


Paper format: Include a brief introduction and then have two main sections, one for transformational and one for charismatic. Begin each section with the overview of the leadership style and then introduce the leader you selected as an example of that style. You should address the characteristics of a charismatic leader and a transformational leader.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

Explain what criteria you used to determine each leaders style based on the style characteristics shown in our textbook or other credible sources. The paper should examine the leadership skill, style, traits, and behaviors of your chosen leaders.

Also, analyze your two leaders by finding appropriate case studies (one for each leader) from the DuBrin text and determine if the situation from the case is (or is not) a good fit for the leader’s style. In other words, by analyzing each case (again, once case for each leader), determine and then explain in your paper if the leader’s particular style is a good fit for that organization. Use a different case for each leader and it can be any case study from the text.

For example, you may find that in some cases that the leader’s style was a good fit at one point in the organization’s history but over time the leader’s style no longer matches the organization because the leader’s style changed or the organization’s needs changed.
On the other hand, your research and analysis may uncover other things about the two leader’s styles. Use good critical thinking techniques and do not just recite facts.

We are looking for cause and effect.

This paper should be APA format, 4 pages long, not counting the title page or the reference page. The paper should examine the leadership skill, style, traits, and behaviors of your chosen leaders.

Use at least three textbook citations and three outside sources, and make sure to cite them within your paper to show where you are getting your information (and also include them in the reference page at the end of your paper).

Final section of your paper is a brief conclusion (so begin with “In conclusion” or “To sum up”) or something that alerts the reader that you are wrapping up your paper.

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