Lack of implementing Diversity and Inclusion in the Army has caused a negative impact on morale

Lack of implementing Diversity and Inclusion in the Army has caused a negative impact on morale

Diversity and Inclusion will have an Influential Impact on the Morale and Cohesion of Army Soldiers

As an Army Reservist Soldier, I see an increasing need for the Army to incorporate best practices of diversity and inclusion that penetrates deeply throughout and within the ranks so that tomorrow’s Soldiers will not be disadvantaged as I was.  I seek to determine in this paper that enhanced commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout the ranks will have a positive impact on military personnel/Soldiers.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

My independent variable is enhanced commitment to diversity and inclusion.  My intervening variable is within the ranks and my dependent variable is impact military personnel/Soldier morale.

My argument is simple, the Army preaches about diversity and inclusion but they really haven’t taken the necessary steps needed to incorporate the fundamentals of diversity and inclusion throughout and within the ranks.  This paper will define diversity and inclusion; analyze why diversity matters to Army Soldiers; how it will impact how leaders lead and thus result in an influential impact on Soldier morale, unit cohesion and overall productivity in relation to the overall mission.

Diversity and inclusion within the Army structure will foster better working relationships, unit cohesion, more engagement and Soldier satisfaction.  The lack of diversity and inclusion within and amongst the ranks in the Army creates ineffective leaders, an exclusive working culture and a lack of cohesion which results in low morale.  Ensuring leader commitment to diversity and inclusion practices at all levels and capitalizing on talent management processes that identify, recruit, develop and retain a pool of high-performing Soldiers and Civilians from diverse backgrounds and implementing diversity training and education programs will help create a military culture that is diverse and inclusive to all of its members and beneficial to the accomplishment of today’s mission and future missions to come.

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