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1. How far can the electoral successes of the party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in the 2017 Bundestag elections be explained by changes in the German party system?
2. In what ways does the Varieties of Capitalism paradigm still accurately describe the current state of economic development in the so-called “German Model”?
3. To what extent have the Hartz Reforms answered political and fiscal pressures to reform the German welfare system?
4. “Ecology and economy are irreconcilable in Germany’s turn to renewable energies and the nuclear phase-out since 2011.” Discuss.
5. Discuss and judge whether infrastructural development in Germany can only be successful with a policy framework at the national level.
6. What is the role of the government-led integration summits in the German attempts to respond to the increasing ethnic, social and religious diversity of the population?
7. “The federalist structures of German security apparatus have left Germany vulnerable to domestic and foreign terror.” Discuss.
8. What is the role of domestic politics in Germany’s stance towards the Greek bailouts and Eurobonds?
9. To what extent has the Brexit provided political opportunity structures for the further “normalization” of Germany’s European policy?
10. In what ways has German public opinion about warlike conflicts shaped the decline of the special relationship between Germany and the United States since 9/11?

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