Is the #MeToo movement relevant to organizations? Justify your answer.

Please choose ONE of the following essays.

Choose an organization that has been in the news in the last 6 months and analyse the organization by attending to two of the ‘issues’ we have covered in the lectures. For example, you could approach your analysis from the perspective of culture, ethics, structure, power, politics, control, diversity, gender, resistance, leadership etc.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

Important points:
Your essays must use contemporary literature/theory to support your analysis of the organization.
You can choose any organization you want – no marks for choosing the ‘right’ organization.
You need to give a brief overview of the organization but most of the essay should focus on the organizational issues emerging from your analysis of this organization from the perspective of two issues covered in the course. Essays unsupported by literature/theory will warrant pass marks only.


Is the #MeToo movement relevant to organizations? Justify your answer.


Please note:
• Extensions need to be applied for through ASKMQ, supported by medical certificates.
• Electronic marking will take place. Check the system for feedback and marks.
• Discuss any issues you have with your tutors.
• No reference style required as long as the references are complete and consistent – Harvard or APA are most commonly used.
• The usual 10% margin of the word count (10% less or 10% more) will be applied and will carry no penalty.

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