Intervention Programs Report

Intervention Programs Report

This paper is divided into two; paper one ;
In a one page paper, Select a research study that discusses the efficacy of a treatment program for opioid use. What biases did the researchers identify in the study? What other biases did you identify? Explain your answers. Note; You will use this same study for the next 2-page paper; assignment.

part 2 (2 page paper)
use the same study from paper 1, which discusses the efficacy of a treatment program for opioid use; and answer the following questions:Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

What hypothesis was proposed? Did the researchers obtain an answer?
What type of intervention was utilized?
How were the participants selected?
What were the modes of data collection, analysis, and interpretation?
Do you think this can work in Anytown? Explain your answer.
The report should be 2–3 pages, excluding title and references pages. Use current APA formatting to style your paper and to cite your sources. Integrate scholarly sources into the paragraphs of your paper.
note;Use scholarly sources only

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