Informative speech on historic landmark

Your Informative Speech must be on a historical site in Georgia. This means your
annotated bibliography and outline would be on the SAME topic. I shared a link to
historic landmarks only to share ideas. However, you may select the Georgia
landmark of your choice even if it is not one of the ones I shared. There is a
penalty of 20 points for not selecting a landmark for this assignment.
A bibliography is a list of the resources used by an author or speaker to prepare a paper
or speech. In an annotated bibliography each resource on the list is followed by a
summary of the resource. The Annotated Bibliography should be formatted in
accordance with APA or MLA style. The style guide is available in the library or you can
use the internet to research.

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The Assignment
Annotate at least three of the scholarly resources you used to explore your
informative speech topic. Prepare an annotated bibliography. Each bibliographic
citation should include the title of the resource, the author’s name, the publisher, the date
of publication, and the location of the publisher or where you found it. Each summary of a
resource must be completed in one paragraph of five to seven sentences, and one of the
5-7 sentences should be a thesis statement.
Check the style guide for an acceptable format for the annotated bibliography. Use the
Perimeter College library. The library also has online resources – please make certain to
use them.
Send the annotated bibliography to me through this assignment drop box. Do not post in
the discussion area. Keep a copy of all assignments submitted until you receive your
Note: If you cannot find scholarly sources on your landmark, use the most credible
sources you can find via the internet. Thank you!
Outline Your Speech Ideas – The Preparation Outline
Remember, you are using a Georgia landmark for your topic. Thus, your annotated
bibliography, outline, and the Informative Speech (the informative speech is due
the week after the bibliography and the outline) are done with the same topic.
Please see your weekly course schedule for required readings.
Then submit a full sentence outline for the informative speech. The etext shares
examples. However, there are times I ask for more or less main point
development/support. Please pay attention to detail and don’t just plan to copy the
You are to fully develop four main ideas (in addition to introduction and conclusion),
three levels (supporting ideas) deep.
Pay special attention to the visual framework of the outline. Use the standard
outline symbols discussed.
Label the main ideas with capital roman numerals. Note: you may see an example
that doesn’t use roman numerals as a former student indicated they had never
seen a roman numeral.
Indent supporting ideas to help the reader visualize their relationship to the main
ideas they support.
Alternate between numbers and letters as you arrange ideas to support more
superior ideas.
Align coordinate ideas.
Outlines should be processed in Microsoft Word and not pasted in this assignment
dropbox. Why? Formatting will be lost.
There is a 7 point penalty for outlines that do not meet format requirements.
There is a 20 point penalty for not submitting your outline.

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