information booklet for parents about intellectual disabilities

Create an information booklet for parents about intellectual disabilities.
The booklet will be focused on one of the following topic:
Information booklet for parents deciding about the schooling options for their child with intellectual disabilities (aimed group: parents whose child is about to begin compulsory education in New South Wales, Australia),

The booklet should:
• be written in user-friendly language for parents
• have a clear structure, using headings and subheadings
• have introduction on the topic of the booklet
• provide advice to parents living on the area New South Wales ,Australia
• provide useful tips for parents

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• list of resources (e.g., peer-reviewed book, journal articles, DVDs, websites) that you would recommend to parents
• list of references that you used in order to create the booklet. The references should be from peer-reviewed journal articles from the last ten years (that is from 2009-2018).
Articles must be sourced from high-quality peer-reviewed journals. You should include a minimum of twelve (12) references.

The guide should be double-spaced and written in APA 6th edition style; see the following website
for assistance with this:

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