inflation, aggregate demand & supply and money and monetary policy – fiscal policy

In this assignment you will find two tasks which you will answer and submit.

In this assignment the questions will cover the following two tasks:

Task 6: GDP, economic growth, unemployment and inflation
Task 7: Business cycle and aggregate demand & supply.
This assignment comprises of 10 questions which you’ll answer and submit.

Related learning outcomes
This assignment assesses the following unit learning outcomes:

Use economic indicators and models to understand and analyse real-world situations.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
Use economic concepts and knowledge to understand, explain and evaluate decision making by individuals, firms and government.
Describe economic outcomes in markets and how these are affected by market structure and the macroeconomic environment.
Identify appropriate business strategies and government policy to achieve positive outcomes (such as increase profit, reduce market failure, or stabilise macroeconomic fluctuations).
Analyse current economic issues and determine/evaluate responses by the relevant economic agents.
Each question is worth either 1, 2 or 4 marks as indicated (at the end of each question).


Greber, J 2017, ‘Struggling household sector weighs on GDP outlook’, Financial review, 7 July, viewed 28 Febreary 2018,

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