Importance of COOP Planning

Importance of COOP Planning

Continuity planning is essential for every type of organization but most senior executives treat continuity programs as either a necessary evil (legislated or regulated requirement) or dismiss the program all together leaving their organization vulnerable. Write a 750-1000 word essay on the importance of continuity planning in business and how to gain senior management support. NOTE: All submissions must be independently written and in proper APA formatting. Consistent grammatical errors, unexcused late submissions, and plagiarism will not be tolerated. The instructor reserves the right to ask for resubmission through Turnitin for any reason and without reservation. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!Sources: Seow, K., (2009). Gaining senior executive commitment to business continuity: Motivators and reinforcers. Journal of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning. 3(3), pp. 201-208. (e-journal available at Barry University Library) Sawalha, I.H.S., (2013). Organisational performance and business continuity management: A theoretical perspective and case study. Journal of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning. 6(4), pp. 360-373. Bird, L., (2013). The need to balance content between business continuity and emergency planning. Journal of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning. 6(3), pp. 196-197. Smith, J., (2013). Strategic continuity planning: The first critical step. Journal of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning. 7(1), pp. 6-12.

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