Immersion/Study Abroad: Is it the best way to acquire an L2

Immersion/Study Abroad: Is it the best way to acquire an L2

Evaluation Guidelines Your Senior Project should meet the following general criteria (1) Identify key points relating to the major. (Knowledge) (2) Demonstrate connection among courses or between coursework and major(s). (Application) (3) Synthesize cultural and linguistic elements of the major. (Synthesis) (4) Evaluate limitations of knowledge or make recommendations for future directions. (Evaluation) Paper Requirements . Specifics: You will be turning in a formal written 10-page paper. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!It should: •Use standard font, type size, indentation, be double-spaced, contain pages numbers •Contain a title page with your name, project title, and date (centered) •Contain a Works Cited page using MLA or APA style accurately As you begin to write, think about your audience and your purpose. What does your reader know, and perhaps not know? What do you want your reader to learn and/or think about? While you will be presenting your materials at the end of the semester, the essay is a formal, scholarly essay; the style should reflect this. Strive to get your information into good order with complete sentences. It is possible that you will still have some vague ideas that you can’t quite elaborate, but know you will include them.

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