hypocrisy of media on terrorism

hypocrisy of media on terrorism

For your project, you are required to research and report on one topic. This is not an essay but there are three required outcomes.   First, you are required to briefly introduce project (This part has been done already: What is Terrorism? Terrorism is an act of violence against innocent citizens in order to achieve political aims. Majority of the time, this term is commonly linked to Muslims or immigrants. My project will discuss the hypocrisy media plays when it comes to terrorist attacks done by non-Muslim/ immigrant individuals. Terrorism is terrorism, Anyone can be a terrorist, those who commit these horrible acts should be held accountable and publicized for their actions no matter what the religion, race and ethnicity may be). You will ideally receive feedback within this forum from your peers, while presenting your ideas, initial research and data to one another. This is an unstructured forum for each student to plan, organize and prepare your material and questions for the class. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!There is a separate forum for the final products and questions to be posted. Second, the following week in the assigned discussion forum, you are to present your findings. There should be central thesis (argument) and subsequent research to support your position. This material should be 5-6 paragraphs in length. There should also be several ″points to ponder″. These are questions for your peers to consider and respond to after having read your presentation. Third, you are required to submit an annotated bibliography on this project material. For this assignment, you are required to read and summarize five academic articles (peer reviewed) you have used for your project. You should properly cite them using APA or MLA. The annotated bibliography, citing the sources in APA format requires that a brief (7 to 8 sentence) summary (in third person format) follow each citation, which describes the main points, arguments, thesis, and conclusion of the resource.

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