Hypnosis Session

Hypnosis Session

Your assignment must reflect analysis and synthesis of the learning outcomes and concepts of the course. All assignments MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and must be written at graduate level English. The content, conciseness, and clarity of your answers will be considered in the evaluation of your work. You must integrate the material presented in the text and cite your work according to APA format.

The entire assignment should be 3-6 pages total plus a title and reference page

The entire assignment should be 3-6 pages total plus a title and reference page

You will create a client and an issue for a hypothetical hypnosis session. Your focus will be on the types of suggestions you might use for this client and his/her issue.

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First, you will present a short background of the hypothetical client. Please keep this to one paragraph.

Second, determine a simple issue you might cover in a hypnosis session for this client such as:
1) relaxing
2) eating healthy snacks
3) feeling motivated to go for a walk
4) cooking instead of going out
5) organizing

My suggestion is to keep the issue simple so you can formalize and become comfortable with the process.

You will then write:
1. a response set for that issue
2. five different suggestions for the issue (see below for more information)

Create either a direct/indirect
Create either a positive/negative suggestion
Create either a content/process suggestion
either authoritarian or permissive
one chaining suggestion either:
a. simple conjunction
b. an implied causitive
c. a causative predicate)
3. a posthypnotic suggestion

For the response set, each of the five suggestions, and the posthypnotic suggestion, you will comment on the reasons that contributed to your choice of suggestion style. You must incorporate information from chapter 9 and 10 in presenting your answer.

Assignment Outcomes
Examine various theories and techniques of hypnosis

Evaluate the effectiveness of hypnosis through research and professional practice

Discriminate the environmental, emotional, psychological, and physical variables in hypnosis

Formulate ethical practice guidelines in hypnosis and trance phenomena

Develop treatment plans using components of hypnosis in consideration of the emerging client

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