Humans in South Afr. Surviving Volcano’s

Humans in South Afr. Surviving Volcano’s

> Parenthetical style for formatting and sourcing

> 500 words, single-spaced, 12 point times new roman font, 1 inch margins, one quotation.

> Sources must be scholarly and peer reviewed science journals.

> This assignment will give you the opportunity to take on the role of a science journalist tasked with writing a gripping summary of a hot new scientific article. Your expository letter will summarise one of your choosing (my selection is provided below) all the while showcasing the novelty of the scientific finding described.

> One of the main goals of science journalism is to convey complex scientific discoveries to non-experts. Bridging the gap between academia and the general public is not easy; it requires an ability to understand the primary scientific literature in addition to the
skills to simplify the subject matter without being condescending. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

> Take care to eliminate subject-specific jargon, and focus on what the new discovery will mean for the day to day lives of non-specialists.

> Science journalism articles typically include quotes from the authors. As such, your blog should include at least one quote, placed between quotation marks and cited, taken directly from the article to represent the direct opinions of the author.

> Your letter should also be entirely objective, and not represent an opinion on the topic.

> Take the time to read a few other science
blogs to get a feel for the format. Good examples include:
– Scientific American’s “Sixty Second Science”
– Wired Magazine:
– New York Times Science:

MY topic (what my blog/ expository will be based off of) is listed below

> Humans thrived in South Africa through the Toba eruption about 74,000 years ago
by E.I. Smith and colleagues.
Nature, volume 555, Issue 511-515 (2018).

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