How is “my topic” represented in Hamilton song? Chose a topic between Immigration equality

Directions:  Using one of the sources below as background for the topic of the paper, develop an argumentative essay that uses specific evidence (from the soundtrack to Hamilton) as part of a series of analytical paragraphs to support a clear position articulated in the thesis statement.


How is “my topic” represented in Hamilton song? Chose a topic between

  1. Immigration
  2. equality




Basic Guidelines: 

            Length:  4-5 pages (at least four full pages of text)

Paragraph style:  Paragraph with No Spacing

Spacing:  double-spaced

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Margins:  one inch

Font:  Times New Roman or Courier New

Size:  12 point

MLA Documentation Style


Approved Sources  


Felter, Claire and Danielle Renwick.  “The U. S. Immigration Debate.”  Council on Foreign          Relations,


Miranda, Lin-Manuel.  “LinManuel Miranda on Disney, Mixtapes and Why He Won’t Try to      Top ‘Hamilton.’” Fresh Air, By Terry Gross, NPR, 2017.


—.  “How LinManuel Miranda Shapes History.”  The Atlantic, By Edward Delman, Atlantic

Media, 2015.










Thesis:  text + topic + position

Expository (secondary source)

Topic Sentence:

Detail (from the source):             Explanation

Content:  What does the detail mean?

Context:  Why is it important?

Analytical (primary text) [a series of paragraphs]

Topic Sentence:  mini-thesis

Evidence (from text):



Content:  What does the evidence mean?

Context:  Why is it important?

Judgment:  How does the evidence support/ prove the thesis? Conclusion              Restate Thesis:

Summary (of essay):






To earn an A on essay #1, a student must


  1. Adhere to all assignment requirements, with no major errors in MLA style or formatting.


  1. Provide a thesis that is insightful, sophisticated and well-articulated.


  1. Remain focused on the topic and thesis, providing sound and compelling analysis throughout the essay


  1. Demonstrate the ability to connect primary and secondary sources in a logical .


  1. Guide argument via strong topic sentences and appropriate transitions.


  1. Have very few grammatical errors, none of which interfere with coherence.


  1. Display significant improvement with respect to errors marked on previous essays/graded writing.


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