How did mass media emerge? How do they converge? What is the difference? Explain.

Answer these 10 questions. Make sure you thoroughly answer each question. These should be answered with full APA citation and referencing.
Each answer for the questions should be approximately 2 paragraphs long and must have at least ONE REFERENCE PER ANSWER.

1.How did mass media emerge? How do they converge? What is the difference? Explain.
2.What is the agenda setting theory? How does this theory play out in contemporary media? Explain.
3. What is the historical significance of yellow journalism? Explain.
4.What role, ideally, does journalism play in democracies? Explain.
5.What is content analysis and why is it useful in media studies? Explain.
6.What challenges do digital media pose to journalism and other mass media forms? Explain. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
7.Why did cultural studies approaches develop in opposition to traditional media effects research? Explain.
8.What are some of the differences between the UK and US approaches to popular culture studies? Explain.
9.Why is it important to study media? Explain,
10.What is public journalism? Explain.

– Be sure to double-check your work thoroughly to avoid accidental cases of poor paraphrasing, missing quote marks, plagiarism, and missing citations and references.
– You may cite webpages or ebook chapters using APA standard formatting.

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