Homeless Problem in Richmond

Homeless Problem in Richmond

In the town of Richmond there is increased number of the homeless. The increased number of the homeless in the city has necessitated them to engage in criminal activities such as drug trafficking, robber and us of drug. The society should understand the homeless in the city are just people like others and their rights and freedom must be respected just like other people in the society (Peterson, 2014). Many people in the street despise the homeless for being beggars in the city without putting into consideration the various reasons which lead them to this situation. The work will illustrate the unethical problem associated with homeless beggars in the city of Richmond.

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It is the role of everybody in the society to be considerate while dealing with the misfortunes in the society. Problem of increased homeless in the city of Richmond has revealed the unethical behavior of the society in the street who mistreats, discriminate or even isolate the misfortune people in the society. When on the street most people in Richmond city keeps on despising the homeless for not working and being able to get their daily basic needs and only keeps begging in the city (Peterson, 2014).. As a matter of fact, it is ethical for everyone to be courteous and respect the misfortune in the society even if we might not be providing the necessary support required by the homeless in the city. We might not be in possessing of the financial support required by the homeless in the city but it is always unethical to discriminate, isolate or despise the homeless. In conclusion, instead of being unethical in dealing with the homeless, it is always good to morally and psychologically encourage the homeless that they life shall be better in the future.  Moreover, it is important to understand that being courteous and respectful is a means to end.


Peterson, L.(2014) Forgotten Faces: The Homeless of Richmond. New York Publishers
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