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Final paper for History of Economic

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Students will present to their assigned Reader a bibliography of works they intend to use writing their final paper no later than end of week 12. In their final paper: (1) students will identify two or more economists that we have read who cover the same problem (e.g., value, monetary policy, trade, etc.); (2) situate both the problem and the economists within their social, geographical, and historical settings; (3) critically reflect on how well (or poorly) these economists grasp and respond to this problem within their own setting; (4) identify how well (or poorly) these economists grasp the constraints imposed by their social, geographical, and historical settings; and (5) state how they might revise their solutions to make them more adequate.

The final examination will consist of a major research paper, ten to twelve pages long, double-spaced, in addition to the bibliography (i.e., 10-12 pages, plus bibliography).

Building upon the assigned readings, students will identify a problem (e.g., value, labor, money, trade, democracy, etc.) addressed by at least two of our economic thinkers. In 10-12 pages, students will identify, identify the significance, and solve the problem they identify.

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