Going Green Write a persuasive letter OR memo and assume a resistant/hostile audience.

Going Green

Write a persuasive letter OR memo and assume a resistant/hostile audience.
2 A rough draft is necessary.
3 A final draft is required.
4 Using between 2 to 4 outside sources (but not .coms or Wikipedia) is required.
5 The length of this document should try not to exceed ONE typed page.
Assignment Description
For this assignment, the overall purpose will be to produce a persuasive document that will ask you
to choose from one of the following topics:
A. Convince Laredo citizens not to go back to using plastic bags, even though they are legally
allowed to. Therefore, assume you are pro-environment and a concerned citizen who has
been keeping up with the issue for several years. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
B. Persuade students who live in South Texas and have been accepted to TAMIU, but are
deciding not to enroll. Their belief is that leaving Laredo is the best way to get an education.
Assume you currently work in a supportive role for the TAMIU recruitment office.
C. Convince Laredo adults over the age of 18 to get the flu shot, even though they are not
required to do so. Assume you work at a local doctor’s office and so have more knowledge
than the usual person, but you do not have any medical licenses or study.
Steps to Complete Assignment
1. Choose one prompt.
2. Consider the information you currently have and don’t have; know your audience may not
have all the necessary information.
3. Understand that each prompt has context/background and details/data that need to be
4. Implement AIDA for this assignment.
5. Remember your audience is resistant/hostile.

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