Global society

Describe, discuss, or explain:

1. How, according to Naomi Klein (in the documentary No Logo), do TNCs present a challenge to democracy?

2. What are Export Processing Zones (EPZs) and what is their relationship to TNCs?
– Where are they generally located?
– How are they organized?
– Whom do they typically employ and why?
– Describe working conditions experienced by employees

3. A primary critique of TNCs is that they exercise power without social responsibility.
– What does the statement mean?
– To what/whom should TNCs have such social responsibility?
– Explain Shell example.

Topic 7 – Global Inequality: Feminism, Gender and Global Citizenship

1. Feminist
2. Sex
3. Gender
1. Branches of feminism (Liberal/Egalitarian; Socialist/Marxist; Radical; Global/Multicultural; Ecofeminism)

2. What are the main goals of feminists? (That is, what do all feminists hold in common?)

3. Examples of different feminist agenda

4. How is feminism useful for global thinking?

5. What is “gender”? How is gender different from “sex”?

6. What does it mean to say that gender is a “social construction?” What are the implications?

7. What other systems of social inequality have been linked to gender inequality? Why?

8. Example of gender inequality (Language: male generic. See also how male generic functions at other levels e.g. health care at top of p. 212.)

9. How does the understanding of gender as a social construction inform our understanding of global issues?

10. How might a feminist respond to FGM?

a. What factors/issues complicate a feminist response to practices like FGM? How does Aman’s story help us understand these complexities?

b. How does the reading suggest we deal with this complication?

11. In what ways are food production, preparation, and consumption, gendered? Include example.

12. How is AIDS/HIV gendered?

Topic 8: Global Politics

1. Politics
2. States
3. Nations
4. International law
5. Horizontal enforcement mechanisms

1. Distinguish between states and nations. Be able to recognize an example.

2. What does it mean to say that states are sovereign? (Know example)

3. What is diplomacy and how does it work? If states are sovereign, why is diplomacy necessary?

4. Examples of international (governmental) organizations (IOs)

5. NGOs – examples, especially Amnesty International: What is its mission?

6. What two factors complicate global politics?

7. Describe the four key concepts (interests, ideas, perceptions, power) explored by scholars to determine what makes cooperation or conflict more likely.

8. According to Joseph Nye on what components is soft power based?

9. What are three concerns expressed regarding international law? How does the text respond to the first two concerns?

10. What is the ICC? How and why was it established?

11. Know about the ICC as an example of the conflict between state sovereignty and international law. Know Omar al Bashir and Mudacumara examples.

12. IOs that hold international legal standing and types of global issues they may address

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