Geography Questionnaire

Geography Questionnaire

Program: Master in Physical Geography
Geography Questionnaire
1- What specialty in geography do you wish to pursue, and why?
In point of fact, I really enjoy knowing Physical Geography particularly in hydrology, geomorphology, and remote sensing. I will also have better understanding and application of Physical Geography concepts such as knowing how Saudi Arabia`s environment was during wet periods (quaternary study). The degree will bequest me a chance to find out with professor Ronald, who is the expert in geomorphology desert, how can we use rock varnish to investigate and study ancient wet periods in Saudi Arabia by using the technique FIB with electron microscopes which ASU has. The course will help me to gain knowledge and skills to understand and address issues of Desert and its causes. Moreover, the study of the usage of remote sensing would be of great help in my teaching programs since the study would help me explore deserts in better ways.
2- Describe the aspects of your education that will enable you to pursue this specialty.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

The education in geography would create a chance for me to find better ways of benefiting humankind race without harming the environment. A master degree in Physical Geography would similarly service me in understanding ancient environments and the future of his planet. Furthermore, I find it so intriguing to further my education since I am a beneficiary of the scholarship that will cover my both my master’s and Ph.D. degree tuition fee. Since I already have financial support, I will work hard towards achievement of the university mission and goals. I look forward to interacting with the students’ fraternity and talented professors at Arizona State University. I would like to continue my education at Arizona State University- department of geography in geography major particularly in geomorphology, hydrology, and remote sensing in desert areas because I found myself very comfortable and familiar with them. Every place in Earth has advantages but it varies from place to another. As a matter of fact, there are many differences between Saudi Arabia and United States of America. For instance, the location for each country has different features. However, Saudi Arabia has large deserts same like the Western region of the United States. In fact, The Arabian Peninsula has huge desert areas, which mostly are located in Saudi Arabia. Actually, ASU is located in the western area, which gives ASU an advantage over other universities. This is an advantage for me because its infrastructure is quietly similar to my country. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia does not have any records to track the noticeable desertification at various location. Saudi Arabia is very rich of natural resources, which makes it really worthy and suitable location to conduct several researches. For instance, oil, gas, and gold are examples for these natural resources located in Saudi Arabia. Establishing detailed geological studies will facilitate benefiting humanity appropriately without affecting the existing ecological balance.

3- What additional training do you feel you can obtain at Arizona State University to realize your education and career goals?

I am interested in this course since my primary objective is to achieve the geography prize awarded at your University. I am confident that Geography presents a brighter future to the world through understanding of the earth and nature. I am determined to be one of the best graduate students at your university and become a reputable researcher in the field of Physical Geography. The achievement has been my motivation from my childhood and my heart desire. I will feel complete in my career once I finish my masters and enroll in Ph.D. education of my field. In addition, the Physical Geography experience during bachelor’s degree will aid me to develop conception and understanding of nature coupled to understanding of human being developments without interference. Another reason that I am applying for master’s degree to Arizona State University is the fact that it offers cutting-edge units in the field of Physical Geography. Recently, I have done primary research for the faculty of Geography at your university and I have found that professor Ronald I. Dorn who could be my advisor in my master degree is the best professor in my major. Its goals and objectives are to understand environment and improves it. In I will impart the knowledge acquired to Students in Imam University where I work as a faculty member. Hence, I am determined that taking a master’s degree will have a positive impact to education and research institution in America and global world.

4- Please provide other information (for example: research experience or information which might be drawn from your resume) that you feel we should consider in your application for admission.
I understand that Arizona State University consistently works to explore the limits of nature through Geography to meet the expectations of the students. Geography is the fundamental subject that helps the human being to apprehend the earth and its environments better. Actually, I am a graduate of Imam University with a Bachelor of geography. In fact, I worked very hard when I was studying in Imam University- Department of Geography and ultimately I got an excellent GPA which is 3.82. In addition, after I graduate form Imam University- Department of Geography, I got a job which is faculty member (Teaching Assistant) in the same department. From the experience of geography, it encompasses a lot of impact on the surrounding, and I am passionate to continue with it to master’s and Ph.D. degree. I am currently applying for master’s degree in Physical Geography at Arizona State University. I have a scholarship that will cover masters and Ph.D. degree. Hence, admitting me for a master’s degree will give me a chance to benefit from the scholarship and advance my career. Moreover, there are various reasons that make me feel to continue pursuing Geography. The chief reason is that it was one of the most favorite courses in high school. Likewise, because of my interest and love in Geography, I had done two projects. Photographic explanation about ERDAS IMAGINE program (remote sensing) and its use in deserts (Remote sensing applications that can be applied on Saudi Arabia’s deserts) and the other one is photographic explanation “about how to make a map of a specific area in desert” using ARC/GIS 10 program. Physical Geography and its explanation of the processes and pattern of the natural environment like geomorphology, hydrosphere, and other environments have been critical during my teaching and studying experience at Imam University- Department of Geography.

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