Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Project 2-Informational Page1. Rough Draft- MUST BE FULL CONTENT VERSION.2.Final Draft-2 pages maximum (including visuals)3.You should NOT need to or actually use outside sources for the content. You should know enough about your topic to write without accessing outside content sources; however, you might need to use images from sources. Make sure you title them and cite them following MLA citation guidelines and include a Works Cited page.Assignment Guidelines: Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!“[C]reate an informational page addressed to some specific set of readers. Use tables or charts, mix diagrams with words, or use other ways of presenting information visually to achieve your communication objectives” (Anderson 618). . . . When planning your informational page, think carefully about how your readers will use your information and about how you can use graphics to make the facts you present as accessible, understandable, and useful as possible. Sample ideas: An explanation of a basic concept in your major, addressed to students who have just begun course work in it.

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