Geo-thermal plants, Photo-voltaic and Fuel Cells, solar and wind energies

Geo-thermal plants, Photo-voltaic and Fuel Cells, solar and wind energies. Such fuels are not sustainable since they deplete the natural reserves and burning the fuels such as coal leads to huge greenhouse gases (GHG) pollution through emission of sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and monoxide. Since major sources of energy are not sustainable and the current sources lead to environment degradation, the issue of alterative sources of energy has become a compelling issue in the daily life of man. Although nuclear plants are less polluting, their resources are unsustainable and their storage and disposal issues pose great national security risks.

Some of the alternative technologies that have been in the market include geo-thermal plants, Photo-voltaic and Fuel Cells, solar and wind energies. Those still in the production stages include the new fuel cell that produces energy and cleans up pollution, piezoelectricity via parasitic energy harvesting, ocean tides and Satellite Solar Power Stations (SPS) which generates energy from space. Countries have allocated funds for research while private organizations produce cars that use both electric and fossil fuel. Although producing alternative sources of energy have been faced with multiple technological limitations, researchers must focus on tackling such limitations and producing alternative energy based vehicles that are marketable. Shifting from vehicles that rely on fossil fuel to those which use electricity or fuel cells may become realistic if improved with another source of energy. Affordable and efficient sources of alternative energy will save the general public from the rising costs of fossil fuels and thus save the environment from degradation.

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