Gathering Primary Data

Week 7: Gathering Primary Data
• Identify the benefits and challenges of primary data
• Understand the concept of sampling theory
• Compare the differences between the collection of survey and interview data
• Propose and discuss approaches on seeking respondents

• O’Leary and Hunt, Chapter 6

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Survey Monkey Assignment: Part 1
Assignment Steps (Part 1):

1. Open a personal account with Survey Monkey by going to (you can create and provide access)Your account is free and includes the ability to make as many surveys as you wish and have up to 100 respondents for each survey.
2. Learn about Survey Monkey. Spend a few minutes exploring the Survey Monkey site.
3. Pose a research question and develop research hypothesis on the experience of adult learning at CUNY.
4. Develop at least 10 survey questions addressing your hypothesis. Make sure your survey questions are developed as tools to test the research hypothesis.
5. Before the beginning of the next session, post your research question, research hypothesis, and link to your survey questions to the Survey Monkey Discussion Board.

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