game design professional or theorist

game design professional or theorist

Choose a game design professional or theorist not featured as a speaker within this class—e.g. Brenda Laurel, Raph Koster, etc.

Along with our own guest speakers, use their ideas as the basis for an argumentative essay on ONE of the following topics:

• Games and inclusivity
• Effective game storytelling
• Games have social responsibility

Within each topic you have freedom to explore/interpret each subject, but don’t stray too far from the core topic. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

Your paper should frequently reference as many of our guest speakers as possible, comparing and contrasting their philosophies with those of your subject.

Paper Requirements:

• This is an individual paper. No groups.
• The paper must be properly sourced using APA standards.
• Electronic submission only to the appropriate Dropbox folder
• Your paper should be a Microsoft Word doc or PDF. No other format is

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