Food waste from crop fields

Food waste from crop fields

PHOTO ESSAY NARRATIVE CRITERIA: here is pdf of assignment, too: Food waste photo essay narrative.docxPreview the document

Your photo essay with photographs should tell a story in and of itself that viewers can understand. Sometimes, photo essays will also include a statement by the photographer about the issue. This is your task now for the WRITING part of the assignment.


3-5 photos
Clear story line: problem/solution
Well written descriptive (possibly humorous) captions that relate to photos and help viewers understand the story unfolding in photos.

1.5-2 pages double-spaced essay formatted per most current MLA

Introductory paragraph must explain issue of food waste to readers: similar to Bloom’s chapter: Why does food waste matter—why should reader care? Your introduction should PARAPRHASE information from Bloom’s book, as well as use one relevant QUOTE to help set the scene. You will need to use in-text citations for both the paraphrase and the direct quote from Bloom’s book.

Introductory paragraph must end with a thesis or statement indicating significance of photo essay

Your second paragraph should focus on the possible solution/idea that your photo essay is showing and how it relates to the food waste issue in introductory paragraph. You may be using some source material from Bloom’s book in this paragraph as well.

Your third and possibly fourth paragraphs should focus on why you chose the photos you did and your thinking/creative process and what you came to learn about food waste and helping others understand the issue and your hopes for changing behaviors.

You must use properly formatted MLA in-text citation.

You must include a Work Cited page that properly cites Bloom’s book and is in the correct MLA Work Cited format. WE WILL LOOK AT MLA IN CLASS DURING DRAFT FEEDBACK.

DRAFT #1 due on paper in class: Wed. Sept. 19 for MW class or Thurs, Sept. 20 for TR class.

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