Fishing boat

Joe Marino is contemplating signing on to work as a fisherman on a four-person Alaska fishing boat this season. As a crew member, Joe will receive 10% of the revenue that the ship generates. The fishing season lasts anywhere from 125 to 144 days, depending on when the waters start to freeze up. Joe believes that the length of the fishing season can be modeled as a discrete uniform distribution. On any day during the fishing season, there is a 15 % chance of stormy weather that would prevent the ship from fishing. The daily catch on the days that the boat does fish can be modeled as a normal distribution with a mean of 2400 pounds and a standard deviation of 500 pounds. The revenue the ship receives per pound each day is uniformly distributed between $.85 and $1.05 per pound. Using Crystal Ball, develop a simulation for Joe Marino to estimate the likelihood he will earn more than $26,000 during the fishing season. Base your results on 1000 simulation runs.

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