Financial Management and Analysis

Financial Management and Analysis

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Produce a business report based on the following tasks. Your business report must be focused on your chosen organisations (HOUSE OF FRASER and DEBENHAMS). The main
focus of your research must be an analysis/evaluation of the relevant ratios and concepts studied in this module in the context of your chosen organisations.

4 tasks for this assignment:
1. Using an appropriate financial platform (such Financial Analysis Made Easy – FAME; OSIRIS; Morning Star; Annual Reports etc.), obtain relevant financial information
for each of your chosen companies for a period of 5years (for example 2011-2016).

2. Extract financial ratios for profitability (3 ratios), liquidity (2 ratios), gearing (3 ratios) and investment (2 ratios). There must be 10 ratios included.

3. Critically examine the performance of the two companies using the ratios extracted over the period under consideration (you may use graphs, tables or any other
forms of presentation of the ratios extracted to support your analysis). Recommend the best company for investment (with the necessary justifications).

4. State the main weaknesses associated with this analysis.

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