Exploring Open Data

Exploring Open Data

Assignment Requirements: Please visit https://www.ontario.ca/search/data-catalogue and
select three (3) data sets. You must choose data sets that are unique to you, so the first
step is to identify and “claim” the three sets on the class Blackboard site. Sets that have
already been claimed by classmates will not be accepted (so make sure no one else has
chosen your three sets).
For each data set, complete the sections below (A, B and C). The information in the Section
A should be available on the Ontario government site, while the information for Second B
and C require that you download the data set and view.
Complete the following subsections for each of the three (3) data sets you have claimed
(this also provides a structure for your report). You must use these headings in the report:
Section A: Data Set Details Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
• Name of data set.
• Describe the format of the data.
• List the time-period captured in the data.
• List when the data set was added to the Open Data portal.
• Describe terms of use (if any):
Section B: Exploring the Data Set
• Describe what is contained in the data set.
• Consider and describe the potential limitations of the data set.
Section C: Reflection on the Data Set
• Discuss how this data could be used.
• State at least one interesting fact or insight about the data set.
Evaluation: Your answers regarding the three (3) data sets will be evaluated based on
accuracy (is the name, time period, etc accurately reported accurate? have you described
what is part of the data set and what the limitations might be?) and the quality of insight
and reflection (is your suggested use of the data set reasonable? Is the suggested use
possible given the specific data set? Is the insight you’ve stated thoughtful and

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