Explain why different types of writing are appropriate for different audiences/stakeholders.

Explain the simple message related to your case study which you wish to communicate.
Create three written communications – one for each of three audiences you identified – using the appropriate type of writing for each context. (Each written communication should be approximately 2 paragraphs long).
Explain why different types of writing are appropriate for different audiences/stakeholders. Provide specific examples.
Case Study for Issues in K-12 Education
The materials in this case study are a combination of authentic public domain
documents and simulated documents that were created specifically for the case
study that draw on authentic research and data from government and scholarly
sources, and from the opinions of experts in the field.
The mention of “your state” is a generic reference intended to be inclusive for any Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
Your state is considering a required set of education standards that all schools
must adopt. You have been nominated to serve on the statewide committee to
inform the legislature as to which standards, if any, should be adopted. You will
have the opportunity to take a stand on the following issue; does a set of required
standards improve or limit education for all students (e.g., general education
students, special education, English language learners, gifted learners) in state
Consider the following questions: How can standards be implemented to improve
the quality of education for all students in all levels, and types, of classrooms
(e.g., general education, special education, vocational)? Is it more effective to
adopt district standards, state-specific standards, or national standards?
Once you decide which standards to adopt, what materials, supports, and
training will be needed to implement them? How do different stakeholders (e.g.,
policy makers, government leaders, principals, teachers with various specialties
and points of view, students, parents) feel about the issue of standards adoption
and implementation?

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