Experiencing city life

Experiencing city life

Using a theorist/ theorists of your choice, critically analyse one of the key themes explored on the course. These might include different theories, concepts or debates around the issues of:

space and place;
centrality and peripherally;
social interaction and segregation;
the right to the city.

In doing this, you will identify and demonstrate a critical understanding of relevant ‘big thinkers’ (e.g. Simmel, Lefebvre, De Certeau, Jacobs, Castells, Harvey, Benjamin, Massey, Zukin and others) who have added to our understanding of experiencing city life.

The structure of your essay MUST include:

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Introduction (~250 words)

Experiencing City Life Theme ( ~500 words)
In this section, you should define the theme which you will investigate, briefly explaining its importance to the experience of city life and provide a route-map for the rest of your essay.

Key Urban Theorists (~ 1000 words)
In this section, identify key urban thinkers who have contributed to our understanding of city life and explore their ideas, giving examples. As well as discussing their most important works, remember to examine critiques of their approach.

Conclusion (~250 words)
Reflect on how what you have done relates to the essay task and what you have shown with your exploration of urban thinkers in relation to city life.

References (Not included in the word count)
Ensure that you include key writings from your selected theorists, as well as academic journal articles which reflect critically on their work.

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