Exercise and Fitness motivational psychology


Exercise and Fitness motivational psychology

Provide Motivation to Positively Influence Exercise Behaviour

Describe each of the following arousal control techniques and discuss how you would implement these when working with clients as a PERSONAL TRAINER:

(a) Progressive relaxation

b) Stress management

(c) Visualisation


(d) Self-talk

Specifically, you are required to submit an essay that describes how you would use current research about motivation and behaviour change in your role as a PERSONAL TRAINER

In additional to this, your research paper should also include information about the different strategies that you would use to IMPROVE YOUR CLIENT’S EXERCISE ADHERENCE once they have committed to a behavior change.

This may include things such as:

*Discussing their belief systems and values

*Working with them to develop coping techniques

*Encouraging social support systems

*Discussing stage of readiness for change / behaviour change models

*Identifying perceived barriers to exercise participation and adherence

*Using technology to assist in motivating clients

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In the paper, you are required to access information from at least 3 different reputable resources. Examples of reputable sources may include the following:


1.Clinical research studies

2.Exercise science or sports medicine journals

3.Appropriate conferences or presentations

4.Popular media, such as endorsed fitness magazines, newsletters, books

5.Internet sites (ACSM, Fitness Australia etc.)

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