either lower or keep minimum wage the same

either lower or keep minimum wage the same

Your assignment for this semester will be to write a passionate position paper on a global or domestic economic issue. What do I mean by passionate? Write about a topic that gets your thoughts flowing, either for or against this subject. When you take a position on either side of the issue, you must be willing to stand up for your decision, so think about the topic carefully.


The idea of a position paper requires you to defend a particular thesis on a controversial and important topic in such a way as to convince an informed, rational, intelligent, but highly dubious reader that the position is the correct one.

With a position paper, you must utilize critical thinking skills, to analyze and evaluate a position that you have taken. You must construct arguments throughout your paper and make the ties between factual information and the conclusion that the facts are intended to support. Remember that you must link every sentence in your paper to your position statement to build a strong argument.

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  • Your paper should not be greater than four pages; APA formatted with a cover page and references. The abstract is not required.
  • You must use at least six reference sources.
  • You must prepare anOral VideoPresentation not longer than ten minutes

Below is an outline that will assist you in constructing your argument:

Section I

Build a single declarative sentence which states the position (thesis) clearly, precisely, and succinctly.


“Returning to the Gold Standard will increase U.S economic growth.”

“A Balanced Budget will create prosperity for the U.S. economy.”

“Our Current fiscal policies will eventually result in severe inflation.”

“Tax avoidance will be eliminated with a flat tax.”

“The Federal Reserve is ripping off the American consumer.”

“Food Stamps made people lazy and unwilling to work.”


You can select any issue as long as you can defend it from an economic perspective using facts to support your position.


Section II

 Defend the thesis with solid reasoning and utilizing precise concepts and correct facts. Each distinct argument presented anywhere in the paper should have its separate paragraph.

Section III

Presents the case for the opposite view and any possible objections to the points raised in Section II.

Section IV

Responds directly to the points raised in Section III.

Section V

In this part of the paper summarizes, evaluate, and reaffirms your position statement (Section I).



 How will this assignment benefit you personally?

When you present a new idea to your boss, he/she will expect you to put it in writing in a memo form. Your submitted position will allow a discussion to take place among managers within the office about your idea and what the decision should be on this idea. Therefore, you must convince others that your idea is a good one, and position statement is a good way to do this. Therefore, this assignment will provide a significant personal value for you.

  • Here is my great idea boss
  • Here is why it is an excellent idea.
  • Here is why someone might (mistakenly) think it is not a worthy idea.
  • Here is what is wrong with their thinking;
  • My idea is super, and management should act on it immediately! 

    Oral Video Presentation

You must develop anoral video presentationnot longer than 10 minutes of your key pointsfrom the position paper. I suggest that you use props such as PowerPoints, etc. You can use many different formats to present your position paper. Here’s your opportunity to be a star!

For example, you can use the format of yourfavorite TV news reporter or other presenters that you would like to emulate.

Ted Talks, Bloomberg,PBS,Oprah,
FOX, CNN,MSNBC, and others, etc.

You must dress in professional attire for thispresentation.

Be Resourceful and develop a quality project. Good Luck!

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