Effects of advertisements on consumers

Effects of advertisements on consumers

This is a cause and effects essay on the Effects of advertisements on consumers. For a cause/effect argument, you can identify the cause of an event and argue why your topic is the main cause. Alternatively, you can do the opposite of that and argue the effects of your topic. Then you will focus on the outcomes.

Please read in Practical Argument chapter 13 page 468-478.

Pay special attention to the section starting at the bottom of 475- Structuring a Cause and Effect Argument. This section basically tells you what you need to have in each paragraph. I strongly suggest that you follow this structure for your paper.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

Introduction with a thesis that states specifically what you are arguing.

Evidence Paragraph with sources
Evidence Paragraph with sources
A refutation with sources
A conclusion that reinforces the main point.

This paper needs to be in APA format, 1,000 words, and a minimum of 3 sources. All sources need to come from Academic Search Complete. Also, make sure you keep your paper in 3rd person POV.

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