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Use current-evidenced based guidelines (within 7 years) . NON-text book and NON-website sources, bullet points with speaker’s notes, graphics, and proper APA in-text citation/reference list.

1. Overview of the Disease Process
2. Definition of the Disease
• The universally accepted definition
• Succinctly written
• Any classifications or categories of the disease, if applicable
3. Pathogenesis of the Disease
• All pertinent cellular processes are addressed
• Physiological/pathophysiological processes are addressed
4. Risk Factors / Etiology
• Risk factors for the selected disease are discussed
• Etiology for the selected disease is addressed, if applicable
5. Symptoms
• The common or classic symptoms associated with the selected disease process
6. Physical Examination Findings
• Classic or common physical examination
• Includes hallmark findings, if applicable
7. Differential Diagnosis – at least 3 of them
8. Laboratory / Diagnostics
• Diagnostic findings to confirm the disease
• Includes the gold standard diagnostic tests, if applicable
9. Plan of Care
• Evidence-based nursing management inventions
• May reflect direct patient care nursing role or Advanced Practice Nursing
• Pharmacological management
• Non-pharmacological interventions
10. References
• References are appropriate, current, and relevant for the selected disease process
• A minimum of 5 references are used from scholarly sources.
• Reference are listed in APA 6th edition format

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