Do organic cleaning products clean homes better than regular cleaning products, or are they just healthier to clean with?

Do organic cleaning products clean homes better than regular cleaning products, or are they just healthier to clean with?

Find at least 5 credible sources which can provide background information about the topic for which you have been approved. You’ll type your research notes directly into this document. There are 5 resource boxes on the next 5 pages so that you can easily demonstrate the content from each source. (If you want to add more because you found extra awesome resources, that’s fine. Not required, but great if you’ve got it.) For each reference, you must include:

• An MLA formatted bibliography for the reference which includes the title of the reference, author, the date it was published (and date it was accessed if it is a website), and the exact web address (if the reference is a website).
Note: Resources must be from a credible source (not Wikipedia, blogs, etc…) like the ones on DISCUS which Mr. showed you. Listing “Google” or “NASA” are not the exact web addresses. You should include the full, exact link you would use to go to that website. Include the full url address rather than doing the “Web” with the web being hyperlinked. This way if there is a hyperlink issue/change one can use portions of the url to find it again. You may use the website or to format your references correctly if you don’t know how. Then you can copy it into this template.

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• Bulleted notes within the templates below for the information you obtained from this reference. Be sure to include things which will help you explain the concept behind your topic. Some may be ones which will help you justify your ultimate hypothesis/prototypes. The notes should not be cut/pasted, but rather rephrased/shortened into your own words. You’ll use this information later within your topic paper as support for your claims. If a quotation is absolutely necessary, it should be shown as such. (include enough information for yourself to properly cite it later)

• At the end of each resource, you will write a 2-3 sentence summary of the key piece (or couple of pieces) of information within that resource which you believe the reader would need to know to understand your topic. (You’ll use these to help you with your background portion of the paper.)

Step 2: Initial Research –
Google the question below. Your goal is to see if there is an answer to the questions on the internet. It may take several links.
QUESTION: Do organic cleaning products clean homes better than regular cleaning products, or are they just healthier to clean with?

1. Add a sub-letter “c” and label it as “Sources”. Below that, create the sub-numbering system (I, ii. Etc) and provide the actual links to the sites you visited to find the answer. (not Google or the search engine, use the actual link to the actual website). Ensure you are looking at reliable websites (not random blogs). For each question, write two sentences about what it said about each question.

2. Add a sub-letter “d” and indicate if your original question was resolved, partially resolved (might have an answer), or still unresolved (no answer found) with a summary statement or two about what is known.

3. If the original question was either resolved or partially resolved, create a headline below and write at least one follow-up question you still have about the topic which is still NOT resolved according to the sources.

4. Next, add a sub-letter “e” and write a couple sentences explaining how this could be potentially tested to yield quantitative data. If it cannot be tested to yield quantitative data, include the explanation how the question might be further developed to yield quantitative data. If it still cannot form quantitative date, state so.

5. Write why these questions are meaningful to you (write at least three sentences for each question).

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