First, students should read Chapters 3-4 in their textbook on “Biblical worldview” and “Diversity” and view the Module 3 presentations/videos.

Note- Students will see quite a few connections between Biblical worldview and diversity- i.e. God created the entire earth and everything living. He made all of us in His image. We are all decendants of Adam and Eve, but have unique differences. We are all sinners, regardless of demographics. God reveals Himself through the Word, and has sent us diverse prophets. We are to love one another without exclusions. We are charged to go out to all nations. And, so on.

Second, students should visit the website, www.theBWVI.com (a link is provided in Module 3). It offers a Biblical worldview indicator that will help students determine how closely their own worldview aligns with a Biblical worldview.

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Third, students should script a 300-400 word reflection essay using the below provided outline. The reflection should follow the traditional, academic essay format (introduction, three body paragraphs, conclusion).

Note- Schultz and Swezey (2013) provides a definition of a Biblical worldview in Chapter 3 that features three pillars: (a) propositional; (b) behavioral; and (c) heart-orientation. Students should keep these pillars in mind, as they write the reflection essay.

The reflection will be graded on (a) a brief introduction/overview and a summative, reflective conclusion; (b) three well-written body paragraphs that answer the below provided questions; and (c) word count and mechanics such as clarity, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Students should view the grading rubric before beginning the assignment.

Essay Outline

  • A brief introducation (25-50 words) that overviews the essay.
  • Part 1/Paragraph 1 (75-100 words):
    • Using Chapter 3 and the video “What is a Worldview and Why Do I Care?”, students should answer these questions: (a) how would you define a Biblical worldview- hint-include the “ingredients”?; (b) what is the foundation/authority of a Biblical worldview?; and (c) how could a Liberty University student go about developing a stronger Biblical worldview during their college experience?
  • Part 2/Paragraph 2 (75-100 words):
    • Using Chapter 3 and the results from the BWVI website, students should reflect on these questions: (a) what is your purpose in life as a believer/follower of Christ?; (b) what are some of your goals in school or in life; and (c) how could having a Biblical worldview affect those goals- in either a good or challenging way?
  • Part 3/Paragraph 3 (75-100 words):
    • Using Chapter 4 and the video “Diversity at Liberty University”, students should reflect on these questions: (a) what is a culture?; (b) how can we work together with people from different cultures?; and (c) how could having a Biblical worldview propel us into the world as Kingdom ambassadors to all ‘tribes and people and languages’ (Rev 7:9)?
  • A brief summary and reflective conclusion (50 words) that explains what the student learned about their own worldview from the textbook reading, watching the videos, visiting the website, and completing the assignment.
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