diversity summary and responses

diversity summary and responses

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paper must contain key excerpts from each presentation topic of the diversity presentations made by your fellow class members. nine diversity presentation topics: income, educational level, political preference, gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation/identity, and disability. (6-7 pages max., Times New Roman, 12 pt Font, Double Space, APA Format). Check Blackboard for detailed instructions and the rubric for this assignment. (30 Points Maximum).

Include the following for each of the nine presentation topics.

• Key points from the presentations as a whole that stood out to you.

• Any new insights, beliefs, attitudes that you have developed after hearing this presentation.

• What you can do to be more effective as a manager based upon what was presented. (If nothing, briefly explain why.)

Finish with a summary of the above and a reaction to the assignment. A penalty of 10% will accrue each day the assignment is late.

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