Displacement in Asia

Displacement in Asia

First – Read the following items

Grundy-Warr Geographies of Displacement: The Karenni and the Shan Across the Myanmar- Thailand Border

Luibhéid A Blueprint for Exclusion: The Page Law, Prostitution, and Discrimination against Chinese Women

Burma Link Internally Displaced in Burma

Then complete the writing assignment below:

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Using an article from a reputable media outlet (New York Times, BBC, etc.) or a human rights watchdog organization such as Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International, research how North Korean refugees are treated by the Chinese government. Compare and contrast that situation to the situation with Burmese refugees in Thailand discussed in your reading assignment and in the Learning Module. What are the root causes of the displacement in both cases? How do these root causes compare to the general discussion of root causes of displacement in Asia discussed in this Lesson.

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