Discussion: Mini-Case on Earning Trust and Loyalty

Discussion: Mini-Case on Earning Trust and Loyalty
How might health care leaders establish trust and loyalty in their health care organization? What strategies might health care leaders employ in order to assert themselves as responsible for and capable of leading change forward?

As a current or future health care executive, your ability to articulate motivation, moving a path forward, and leading change will be necessary to ensure the success of your health care organization. A successful health care executive must be mindful of the perceptions of his or her staff and how to best address trust and loyalty when organizing new changes in health care delivery.

For this Discussion, review the mini-case as presented in Chapter 5 of Dye & Garman (2015). Reflect on the case and consider how you, as a current or future health care executive might support or oppose strategic change.

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Post a 1 page position on whether you support or oppose strategic change based on the mini-case, and explain why. Be sure to justify your position with support from the Learning Resources and outside research. Then, explain how you might implement health care executive leadership strategies for your health care organization or one with which you are familiar. Be specific and provide examples.

By Day 5
Continue the Discussion 1 page and respond to a colleague who took a different position than the one in your initial post. Suggest how your colleague might implement the strategies described for effective health care administration practice.

Dye, C. F., & Garman, A. N. (2015). Exceptional leadership: 16 critical competencies for healthcare executives. (2nd ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.
• Chapter 1, “Competency 1: Leading With Conviction” (pp. 3–13)
• Chapter 2, “Competency 2: Using Emotional Intelligence” (pp. 15–26)
• Chapter 3, “Competency 3: Developing Vision” (pp. 29–41)
• Chapter 4, “Competency 4: Communicating Vision” (pp. 43–52)
• Chapter 5, “Competency 5: Earning Trust and Loyalty” (pp. 53–64)

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