Discuss why a manager should, or should not, be considered a stakeholder. Justify your reasoning with a minimum of 2 scholarly references.

Discuss why a manager should, or should not, be considered a stakeholder. Justify your reasoning with a minimum of 2 scholarly references.

Discussion Board: Length: Threads are 500–700 words; replies are 200–300 words each. So if you exceed the word count, it is not considered exemplary by the university. Remember it is not about how much you can write about something but rather the university wishes to promote at the Masters level the ability to write with conciseness and clarity. Please see the C rubric content below which results in exceeding the word count. The video presentations bring connectivity between our readings and Christian thinking so take the time to jot down important items that you can include in your discussions that relate to Christian thinking. Using one of the audio or video (PointeCast) presentations by Dr. Fischer is a requirement in both responses to the discussion questions and replies to your classmates. For those who have any accommodation issues dealing with hearing the “audio”Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts! presentation does have presentation notes so you will never be left out of the richness of the material Dr. Fischer brings to this course. Let me know if you need any assistance with this by sending me an email. Please note from the rubric below that omitting the required number and type of references from a discussion response or reply to classmate, is an automatic “C” (see highlighted area below from the C rubric content). However, I want to caution each of you that only during the first two weeks of the class will I be open to a student “forgetting” to use one of Dr. Fischer’s presentations; thereafter, please carefully review the Failing portion of the grading rubric (see Discussion Board Grading Rubric) with respect to refusal to meet minimum requirements of graduate work. These presentations provide not only a depth to the learning topics but also a real world view of the topics but also connection to Christian thinking. Equally important, they are a requirement by the University in this course. Please ensure that the information you are taking from Dr. Fischer’s presentation exists in the presentation you are citing and referencing. Doing otherwise is an egregious violation of the Code of Honor and will be dealt with sharply. As a reminder, if you do not include the required sources then your work will fall under the “C” area of the grading rubric automatically. Please see below: Content from the C rubric component: Fair work in most areas. Need for improvement is exhibited in most areas regarding content, analysis, writing style, and/or participation. Deficiencies in any of the areas listed below will result in a C. Please note that numerous deficiencies receive progressively lower points on the C scale. Content: Question is answered minimally and in a less-than-clear manner. Basic instructions and requirements for the assignment are only minimally followed. Interaction/Replies: Research & Analysis: The replies only indirectly build upon some of the key ideas of the threads to which the student is responding and make limited contributions to the discussion. This new research and analysis is also different from the research and analysis done in the student’s own thread. Connectivity: The student demonstrates limited connectivity to the ideas of his/her classmates’ threads, so that the student’s replies fail to truly establish a meaningful dialogue of ideas. Less than 2 classmates are addressed via replies. Required Sources: Less than the required number or types of sources are used. When you do not use one of Dr. Fischer’s presentation you are not using the required sources and it is an automatic C. Length: Threads are less than 500 words or are too long; replies are less than 200 words each or are too long. Exceeding the word count, or not meeting the word count requirements both result in an automatic C. Contains numerous grammatical and APA errors. Grammar/Current APA So be sure to include all of the required sources, and more than the required sources if you wish to earn Superior (A), on your discussion postings, as well as maintain your responses and replies to within the word count minimum and maximum. Blessings, Dr. Henry

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