Discuss the Treatment of Women in The Thousand and One Nights


Discuss the Treatment of Women in The Thousand and One Nights

Equality, Justice, and Feminism

When reading the prologue of “The Thousand and One Nights” there is no doubt that women are demonized. As the story continues the reader falls into a paradox of stories to save the life of the viziers daughter, Shahrazad. Each story is very different and shows women in numerous circumstances. First they are shown to be completely powerless, and then on the contrary, some women are depicted to have absolute control.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts! These stories have an overall meaning and theme that ties in to the symbolic change of the King, his thoughts and appreciation of women. This leads to the question; how are women treated? In “The Thousand and One Nights” women are treated as unfaithful and inferior to men but, Shahrazad represents the implementation of justice, and feminism of women in her stories.



Justice is Justice-women who was changed to cattle because of changing others to cattle



Feminism-When she asks to go to save the other women, Hero for saving women from death, The woman who collects rings controls situation,

All of the women that Shahrazad tells about creates a realistic view of women. Using this she relates these stories to herself and the women the king is murdering. There is definitely not one general image of women described. There are the many multiple images showing every kind of woman, this showing that not every woman is the same and they may or may not be like his wife that had been unfaithful to him. Each woman in their own way shows feminism. Breaking strict unsympathetic category that the king has placed them in. The stories that were told were intended to broaden his views, and to use herself as an example of a good woman.

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