Discuss the role of transport and logistics management in developing regional clusters and economic activity.

Discuss the role of transport and logistics management in developing regional clusters and economic activity. The Research paper should consists of a full analysis of your chosen topic. The paper should incorporate the outline areas that we worked on. APA format is required. This paper will be graded on contents, grammar, and format. Required: 10 pages and 6 references. Use this class text as one of your references, Creswell, J.W. (2009). Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches, 4th edition (University of Nebraska, Lincoln: SAGE Publications. Below is the Rubric to follow. Title and Abstract Title and abstract are informative, succinct, and offer sufficiently specific details about the problem, variables, and proposed methods of the study. Introduction: Problem, Significance, & Purpose of the Study Presents a significant research problem related to Transportation & Logistics Management. Articulate clear, reasonable research questions given the purpose, design, and methods of the proposed study. All constructs and variables have been appropriately defined. Propositions are clearly supported from the research and theoretical literature.

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All elements are mutually supportive. Literature Review: Organization Structure is intuitive and sufficiently inclusive of important constructs and variables of the proposed study. Literature Review Narrative integrates critical and logical details from the peer-reviewed theoretical and research literature. Each key construct and variable is grounded to the literature. Attention is given to different perspectives, common themes, threats to validity, and opinion vs. evidence. Methods: Research Design The purpose, questions, and design are mutually supportive and coherent. Attention has been given to eliminating alternative explanations and controlling extraneous variables. Appropriate and important limitations and assumptions have been clearly stated. Methods: Context, Population, and Sampling The description of the context and population was meaningful. The sampling process was reasonable to recruit a representative sample of the population. Attention was given to controlling for extraneous factors and sampling error. The participants in a qualitative study fit the characteristics necessary to gather data relevant to the specific research problem. Methods: Instruments Descriptions of instruments and observation protocols included purpose statements, type and number of items, and type of scores. Evidence of the validity and reliability was presented. Methods: Procedures Procedures were thorough, manageable, coherent, and powerful for generating valid and reliable data. Procedures were chronological and replicable, with clear distinctions between researcher and participant actions. Clear and reasonable strategies were presented for seeking permissions and for the ethical treatment of human subjects. Methods: Data Analysis Proposed Analytical methods were sufficiently specific, clear, and appropriate given the research questions, research design, and scale of measurement, and type of distribution. APA format Consistently apply assignment of APA guidelines, especially in regards to citations, references, headings, table of contents, page numbers, and running headers. Please follow this Research Project Structure Outline Title Page Abstract I. Introduction A. Background of the study/topic B. Problem/purpose statement C. Research question/hypotheses D. Significance of the study (who benefits from it) E. Theory/models/framework II. Literature Review A. Introduction (introduce the reader to what the chapter will include) B. Sub-topic 1 C. Sub-topic 2, etc… III. Methodology A. Type of research design (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods and why) B. Challenges in using this design and how they will be addressed C. Reference and inclusion of a visual diagram D. Data collection (What data was collected? How?) E. Data analysis (How would you analyze the data?) F. Validity approaches in this design IV. Other Areas A. Researcher’s resources and skills B. Potential ethical issues C. Timeline for completing study V. References & Appendix A. Instruments B. Protocols C. Visuals

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